an angular part, position, or formation. the exact measurement of angles. Also called comma position. Skiing. a position for traversing a slope in which the skis are edged into the hill by bending the knees toward the hill and leaning the upper body away from the hill, with all weight on the downhill ski.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Molar Angulation Measurements to Predict Third Molar Eruption on Panoramic Radiographs. by. Myrthel Vranckx. 1,* ,. Adriaan 

Angulation. Showing 25–48 of 51 results. View : Grid view Grid view Grid view List view Quick View Angulation Coil Pipe Proximal Fitting Define horizontal angulation. horizontal angulation synonyms, horizontal angulation pronunciation, horizontal angulation translation, English dictionary definition of horizontal angulation. n. 1. The formation of angles.

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2013-07-02 anterior angulation of the coccyx; muscles of the abdomen and pelvis. diaphragm. sternocostal triangle; anterior abdominal wall. Scarpa's fascia; muscles. external oblique muscle. inguinal ligament; lacunar ligament; internal oblique muscle.

2021-02-23 Angulation ranged between 55° and 90.5° (7 2.7±6.6) in the transversal plane and between 76° and 110° (93.5±6.9) in the sagittal plane. Morphologically, the SP showed a considerable amount of variation. A solitary SP was present in 168 individuals (59.4%).

Fracture angulation describes a specific type of fracture displacement where the normal axis of the bone has been altered such that the distal portion of the bone points off in a different direction. Angulation is described using words like: dorsal/palmar; varus/valgus; radial/ulnar

2. (Surveying) the precise measurement of angles. Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014. Angulation refers to the lateral movements of creating angles at the ankles, knees, hips and spine 1, but it is commonly used to reference hip angulation.


- Reduction of Dorsal Angulation - Discussion: - measured on lateral, from angle created between articular surface of distal radius & line perpendicular to long axis of radius; - normal volar tilt measures between 0 to 22 degrees (mean 11 to 14.5 deg);

Angulation is TILT. The anatomical reference point is the long-axis. The angulation system can be broken down into three areas; the control mechanism, the coil pipes and the bending section.

Although bone tissue contains no pain receptors, a bone fracture is painful for several reasons:. Breaking in the continuity of the periosteum, with or without similar discontinuity in endosteum, as both contain multiple pain receptors.
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There is one pulley for the up and down angulation and another for left and right angulation (if the scope has left/right capabilities).

Errors in calculating the vertical angulation produce elongated or foreshortened images. Angulation in a sentence. 1.
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Angulation in a sentence. 1. Angulation of hindquarters should be in balance with forequarters. 2. Good rear angulation showing great powers of propulsion. 3. Angulation of hindquarters balances that of forequarters. 4. Exaggerated angulation is as faulty as too little.

- see also  Angulation definition is - the action of making angular. Recent Examples on the Web For instance, a skier/snowboarder may learn the physics behind the power generated out of a turn or the principles of edge angulation. Angulation definition, an angular part, position, or formation. See more.

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- angulation & deforming forces: - unstable frx of the proximal phalanx typically present w/ volar angulation (usually about 30 deg); - proximal fragment is flexed by the bony insertion of interossei into base of the proximal phalanx; - although there are

This article describes a simple concise technique for precise implant angulation. Angulation Cable- .21mm diameter 1 x 7 328.1 ft/rollEDC #: 161244 $168.48 / roll Click for Discount Angulation Cable-Gastroscopes 328.1 ft/roll-.54mm diameter-7 x 7 Angulation.

1 Jul 1992 Gantry angulation in brain CT: dosage implications, effect on posterior fossa artifacts, and current international practice. L J Yeoman,; L 

The position of the dental x-ray tube head in the vertical plane, measured in degrees. The central ray is directed perpendicular to the film and the tooth when using the paralleling imaging technique. Errors in calculating the vertical angulation produce elongated or foreshortened images. Angulation in a sentence.

The volar forearm splint is best for temporary immobilization of forearm, wrist and hand fractures, including Colles fracture. Bronchoscopes. Angulation Cable- .25mm diameter, 1 x 19, 328.1 ft/roll EDC #: 161225. $168.48 / roll Click for Discount.